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Who was the designer of the ancient Egyptian pyramids?

Before the birth of the pyramids, the ancient Egyptians used Mastaba as their tomb. In fact, it was a young man's whim to build the pyramids as the tombs of pharaohs. Mastaba is an early tomb in ancient Egypt. As mentioned above, Mastaba is built of mud bricks. This kind of tomb is neither solemn nor solid. The pharaoh thought that this kind of tomb was too common to show the pharaoh's identity. In response to this psychological demand, Imhotep, the prime minister of Pharaoh Josel, invented a different architectural method when designing the tomb for Pharaoh Josel of Egypt. This is the embryonic form of the later pyramids.


Imhotep is not only smart, but also talented. He is very popular with Pharaoh in the court. He knows magic, astronomy and medicine. What's more, he is also a great architectural genius. Therefore, at that time, the ancient Egyptians regarded him as an omnipotent god. In order to build a lasting and solid tomb, the genius builder replaced the mud bricks used to build Mastaba with rectangular stones cut from the mountain. He also constantly revised the design scheme of the tomb during the construction process, and finally the tomb was built into a six tiered trapezoidal pyramid. This is the original stepped pyramid, the embryonic form of the pyramid. Imhotep's masterpiece hit Pharaoh's heart, and Pharaoh appreciated it. In ancient Egypt, the wind of building pyramids gradually formed.

The tower mausoleum built according to the design of Imhotep is the first stone mausoleum in Egyptian history. Its typical representative is the pyramid of Josel in Sakara. Other pyramids in Egypt evolved from the design of Imhotep.

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