image of an educational game to find fossils for a small archaeologist, with children's hands digging


How can the children dig some fun at party time?

If you are planning a mysterious and fun children’s birthday party, you may want to try this product.

First, we need to prepare several sets of moon archaeological excavation toys, available in three colors: pink, purple, and blue. Choose a color at random and use our tools – brush, hammer and chisel. (Pro tip: Soak the moon in water for 5-10 minutes to reduce dust during digging.)


Then we started digging with a chisel, and kept digging. What could we find as we dug? Is it jewels, gold or pearls?

It’s the gemstones! Natural gemstones!


There are five different gems for each color of the moon, and each child will receive a unique natural gemstones.

Let’s look at what the instruction manual says about the gemstone. Are they crystal, agate or mineral?

Our customization factory has everything, let’s create a colorful archaeological journey for children together!



Post time: Apr-25-2024