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Dukoo New Arrival -gem Dig Kit

2023 gem dig kit with nature gem stones

When I was a child, I had a unique feeling for gems. I liked their sparkling appearance.
The teacher said that gold always shines. I want to say that I want all gems.

Gems, every girl has no resistance to them. The little girl in the neighborhood has become my loyal customer. This time, we released a gem dig kit, which contains more than 15 rare natural gems, with a higher collection value. Let's take a look at the real appearance of gems:

The special feature of this gem dig kit is that it has 12 fixed gems plus 3-5 random gems. The number of gems that really reach customers is 15-17.

This not only makes the gem digging kit more interesting, but also gives children an unexpected surprise.


About the gems:
3 types of agates with different colors: agate is a kind of chalcedony mineral, which is often a banded block mixed with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz. The hardness is 7-7.5 degrees, the proportion is 2.65, and the color is quite layered. Having translucency or opacity. It is often used for ornaments or appreciation. Strings of agate balls can often be seen in ancient funerary objects. Agate has ringed stripes of various colors, and its texture is very like crystal. It is delicate without impurities and has the luster of glass. It is transparent or translucent in multiple layers. Each layer overlaps with each other and has many kinds of patterns, such as ripple, concentric, mottled, layered, etc.

Two different amethysts: amethyst means "not drunk" in ancient Greek. In the medieval poetry of France, Bacchus, the god of wine, poured crystal with wine, which just gave birth to the first sight of purple. Amethyst, also known as Amethystos, comes from the meaning of "not drunk". It is said that the crystal irrigated by wine by Bacchus was originally made by a girl. Some European royal families believe that Amethyst contains mysterious power to help the wearer obtain status and power.

Obsidian: It is a common black gem, also known as "dragon crystal" and "shisheng stone". It is a naturally formed silicon dioxide, usually black. Obsidian has been hyped for nearly ten years and has no historical heritage.
Tiger's eye: Tiger's eye, also known as tiger's eye stone, is a kind of gem with cat's eye effect, mostly yellow brown, with silk like light lines inside the gem. Tiger's eye stone is one of the varieties of quartz. This kind of gem can be made of crocidolite fiber silicon for pseudocrystal replacement.

Pyrite: Pyrite (FeS2) is often mistaken for gold because of its light copper color and bright metallic luster, so it is also called "fool gold". The composition usually contains cobalt, nickel and selenium, with NaCl type crystal structure. Those with the same composition but belonging to orthogonal (orthorhombic) crystal system are called white iron ore. There are also trace cobalt, nickel, copper, gold, selenium and other elements in the composition. When the content is high, it can be comprehensively recovered and utilized in the process of sulfur extraction.

The gypsum body of this gem digging set is environment-friendly gypsum, which will not cause any harm to users.
The tools used in digging are also carefully selected.
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Post time: Nov-08-2022