image of an educational game to find fossils for a small archaeologist, with children's hands digging


A new twist in dinosaur archeology – Dinosaur Chess

An exciting journey into the mysterious world of dinosaur archeology is about to begin. This time, we introduce a new concept that combines archeology and chess to provide children with the latest, most creative, entertaining and educational gifts.


First, kids will receive 12 dinosaur eggs, each containing a different type or color of dinosaur. Children will use tools to dig dinosaurs out of their eggs. Check out the dinosaur knowledge cards and they’ll find out if they’ve spotted a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus or Triceratops.


Next, let’s embark on a thrilling adventure with dinosaurs. Will you move forward three spaces or five spaces? Be careful, your dinosaur may have to move backwards. The dinosaur that reaches the final destination is the ultimate winner.

As Jinhua’s Dukoo toy manufacturer, we create the most unique and attractive toys. We offer custom packaging, accessories, cards and colors. Our products have passed CE, CPC, and EN-71 certification to ensure that children play safely and healthily!


Post time: May-26-2024