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14 Years Dinosaur Egg Toys Manufacture of Customized Dinosaur Skeleton Dig kit

【G8605 Dinosaur skeleton dig kit】Our dig kits come with 12 eggs individually wrapped, each with it own chisels and brushes. Use the tool to dig into the eggs to get the unique dinosaur toys out. And there are 12 full color dinosaur learning cards with information on each dinosaur and a picture reference sheet to match toy to the name cards. Really helpful for the kids to learn it.

【How To Dig It Up】To get a little messy with the chalk eggs, I would suggest you to put some paper towels on the table first, soak the dinosaur easter eggs in water, and excavat it with the chisels, sweep the dust off with the brush. Then rinse the dinosaur with clean water, a cute and beautiful toy you will get! Finally match it up with the cards to see what kind of Jurassic world dinosaur the kids found.

【 Environmentally friendly material 】 This dino dig kits with non-toxic plaster and pp plastic dino skeletons are safe and environmentally friendly,they had DTI tests certifications: CE, CPC, EN71,UKCA

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Products name Dinosaur skeleton dig kit
Item No. G8605
Dinosaur types 12 different dino skeleton assorted(PVC)
Material Gypsum+Plastic
Accessories Plastic brush*1; Plastic Shovel*1



Dinosaur Types^packing

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G8605 1

How to customized this dinosaur dig kit?

1. Decide on a theme for your dig kit. This could be a specific dinosaur or a particular type of dinosaur. This will help you decide what items to include in your excavation kit.

2. Gather the tools you need, such as a brush, chisel, hammer, trowel, and other digging tools, as well as gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask.

3. Choose a variety of fossil replicas, such as teeth, claws, and bones, to include in your kit.

4. Put together a “dino dig kit” guide with information on how to find and extract fossils, as well as safety tips.

5. Include a “dino dig kit” field guide with photos and descriptions of dinosaur species.

6. Package the dino kit in a sturdy, attractive container.

7. Put together a list of resources, such as museums and websites, for further learning about dinosaurs.

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    Our plaster are made of food Eco-friendly material . they had DTI tests certifications: CE, CPC, EN71,UKCA

    - Complete OEM/ODM Service-

    We can customize the shape and color of the gypsum, customize the excavation tools and accessories embedded in the gypsum, and provide free design of the packaging box

    - EASY TO USE-

    The archaeological products can be easily excavated by using matching tools.


    Develops children’s motor skills, counting skills and imagination of your child.


    The dig kits can train children’s practical ability, develop their intelligence, and explore the mysteries of nature.



    Q:What’s material of your plaster?

    A:All of our plasters are made of calcium carbonate material ,they are passed through the EN71, ASTM test.

    Q:Are you manufacture or trade company?

    A:We are the manufacture, we have 14 years experience of dig kits.

    Q:Can you customize the plaster shape?

    A:Yes, we can customize the shape of the plaster, but you need to pay the new mold fee.

    Q:Do you accept OEM/ODM packing?

    A:Yes any OEM/ODM will be welcome, Orders will be shipped world wide by sea, by air or sometimes by other express companies

    Q:How long is your lead time?

    A:The lead time of products in stock is 3-7 days, and that of customized products is 25-35 days

    Q:Do you support factory inspection and goods inspection?

    A:Sure, we support it.


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